Surviving A Sexless Marriage

It has been a long time since you have had sex in your marriage, and you assume that your relationship could be over. After some soul searching, you could have come to the conclusion that it could be true and you might be heading for a divorce. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is feasible to survive a sexless marriage, and not only that but in fact make your sex life better than it ever was before.

Everyone has a different idea of why people have sexless marriages, although most of these are not right. One example is that women do not need sex as often as men. It is not accurate, and more women complain about the deficiency of sex in their marriage than men. Another misconception is that only older people have sexless marriages. Do not believe this for a minute. A lot of elderly married couples still have a fantastic sex life more so then a number of couples half their age. So don’t believe you are out of the ordinary or that you are the only one if you are a young person stuck in a sexless marriage.

The trick to surviving a sexless marriage is to get the facts, so you know how to deal with them. A sexless marriage doesn’t mean periodic sex; it means no sex. You come to realize that you have a serious problem in your marriage. Comparing sexless marriage with infrequent sex marriage is like comparing apples with oranges, they are not the same.

To believe that you are the only person in a marriage without sex is absurd. Every day more and more people end up finding themselves in a sexless marriage. The number of couples that can mend their problems and save their marriage is also growing, so don’t despair.

One of the most important things to realize when you are trying to survive a sexless marriage is not to feel ashamed of your situation. Sure, you have a problem, but it is a common problem and one that needs to be addressed.

You should not just think of yourself but also about the other person in your relationship. Just because you are feeling hurt, rejected and confused, doesn’t mean that it isn’t your mistake. You have to realize that the issue is inside the relationship, and your partner probably feels the same way. You must avoid just blaming your spouse for what has happened. It is crucial to be tactful, so not the put the other person off and allow you both to concentrate on the issue.

If you have tried talking about it and thing are not getting any better, then you may need some professional advice. Sometimes you just can not find the answers to your problems on your own. A sex counselor can help you to find out what it is that is causing the lack of sex in your married life. A good place to begin is to ask your family doctor for help. Speak to your GP about your sexless marriage and ask your GP to recommend a good sex counselor.

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